Viral Effect: How “Spirited Away” in MINECRAFT by Alan Becker got MASSIVE COVERAGE!

First of all, MINECRAFT! Starring: Alan Becker in Viral Spirited Away

You are probably wondering “Spirited Away“? “MINECRAFT“? and who is “Alan Becker“?
(time to create a wikipedia entry for him, anyone with an account go do it!) right?

So I posted the links for you guys, but because I am not that evil I will write you the definition for all of them so I spare you time going through the links…

Spirited Away:
Is a 2001 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli.

Minecraft is a sandbox indie game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang.

Alan Becker:
A designer, animator and good friend of mine that I trust, we share the same ideologies, morals and lifestyle.

So here’s the story!

Alan posted on facebook where it all started, it started here and I saw this in FB:

…and it made me interested, so I headed over to Reddit and found his post seriously on the top page on around spot #20 under “TOP” which gets everyones attention just by beeing there itself.

What happened next?

Out of respect for the great work I created a image, posted it

9gag alan becker post spirited away

which didn’t get a crazy viral effect – because I didn’t post it at the right time when most people are on 9gag and didn’t promote it, but anyways so somehow I got more interest and went to the actual website they own which you can find here and made sure to check what they offer, I saw that they had DOWNLOAD links for the files, so after knowing myself that this kind of things can help anyone get famous in a moment and use the viral effect for the better good, I wrote him on facebook chat and said that we needed to skype, he agreed and in a teamspeak session we checked his Google Analytics stats, which you can see here:

google analytics alan becker

They had about 5-10 Visits before the viral blast, the reason they got an over 1000% increase is obviusly starting from imgur, which he posted to reddit, which then got boosted up and then covered by several media sources liked wired, eurogamer, theguardian, kotaku and many more (don’t forget forums and gaming plattforms)!

media coverage spirited away by alan becker

After about 1 hour, we together improved the website for a better CTR and ROI (which the goal was to make money out of the download links and get more subscribers to their youtube channel), here is what the site looked

before the change:
spirited away before

after the change:
spirited away after

You can see the highlighted spots, the revenue link, the youtube channel direct subscription button and the youtube channel links on top 2x.
Of course there is much more that could have been done, like a lightbox popup on page visit or optin for updates, exit page script or anything that would boost conversions even more, but I think he is quite happy with the change =)

This brought him 200+ new subscribers and counting to his channel

Hopefully he can benefit from this viral deposit for a while!
I wish him all the best and good luck with the project 🙂 And all future projects too!

A sidenote to Alan Becker

He is also the famous creator of “Animator vs. Animation” which got viral back in the days and earned a whopping 400 Million Views on his videos, now he is currently working on a project followup of Animator vs. Animation, you can find the Original Kickstarter post here and if you are wondering, of course I was a donator!

You can still donate to him, go to Alan Becker and press the Paypal button and forget the cup of coffee at starbucks today, that would make you a real deal and hero.