Redirects: HTTP Header, a Google Chrome plugin which tells you all

Would you like to know where a URL Originates from, what process it goes through when redirecting or maybe just some more information which is not written in the meta, like noindex, nofollow?

[highlight]Here is how you can find out about your Site that you are currently Auditing or checking on details.[/highlight]

  1. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have this plugin installed (it works with Google Chrome!)
    HTTP Spy – Go get it! (link opens  in new window)
    http spy
  2. Now go, for example, to Google Webmaster Tools -> Search Traffic -> Search Queries -> “Download this table” -> Choose “Google Docs” & Press “OK”
  3. A new window opens and you are being redirected, in this moment you completely lost overview of what just happened
  4. Now our Extension comes into play, watch this and click on the same button please:
    in Action - HTTP Spy
  5. You see the highlighted text? =) I am sure you do, please hover over it, it should look like this now:
    2015-04-06 TopSearchQueries 20150306-20150405 - Google Sheets
  6. You can copy this URL and use it to create something like this here (url opens in new tab)
    Right click and copy it.

That’s it, you just found out how to analyze redirects and more detailed Data
Not to mention that nofollow,noindex can also be passed through the X-Robots in HTTP Headers. (link opens in new window)

[youtube id=”rBm6eoFK28Q”]

So be aware of that, keep your eyes and plugins open 😉