iMacros: How to Setup a Google Webmaster Tools Auto-BACKUP

I always found it quite annoying to do a manual backup of the Google Webmaster Tools Data.
So I came up with this solution to use Google Webmaster Tools Reporting Backups with iMacros.

Each time I wanted to save or do a backup of the Query Reports of all my Domains from-to periods
I had to manually go through all of them, selecting dates, clicking on the reports tab, selecting the format, then clicking ok, then closing the new window, doing the same again and again, month after month.

Of course there are great tools out there like AWR Cloud that could do that for you by getting the API to work for them, but I am not a great programmer, so I needed a solution that is FREE and works Autopilot in let’s say 1 Minute of my effort.

I also outlined the step by step process you need to get your own Backups running on AUTOPILOT

The Process outlined STEP by STEP (for both)

[highlight]Part 1: The normal Manual Process to Download GWT Reports[/highlight]

  1. First, you need your Domains on GWT (Google Webmaster Tools), be sure you have them all right there, already generating Reports in the Panel for you. Make sure you have the Reports going back a while, please see our first screenshot to understand which Tab and place we are talking about (you can enlarge this screenshot by clicking on it) HERE is how you can get there too: (opens in new tab)
    …I hope you can see the little red arrow, it points to the latest date that we could get, in this case it is from January 5 2015 to April 5, 2015

    Google Webmaster Tools Query Tab
    Google Webmaster Tools Query Tab
  2. Now to our second step, please be aware that for the previous step, you would normally have to go through the process to get there:
    1. Logging into (opens in new tab)
    2. Then looking for your domain
    3. Clicking on it
    4. Going on the left sidebar to the tab “Search Queries” under “Search Traffic
  3. We can now click on the button “Download this table
    GWT - Download this table
  4. Next we click on “Google Docs”, then “OK”
    Google Webmaster Tools - Download this table - Select Download Format - Google Docs
  5. It will now open a new window in Google Drive (GDocs
    Please see this screenshot to understand what your next window (screen) should look like: TopSearchQueries from Google Webmaster Tools - Google Sheets
  6. Now you would have to move this file to the correct folder by clicking the icon on the top right corner
  7. Last step would be to manually close the window(tab in this case)
  8. That is it for the Manual Process, seems nice and steady, quite simple to do
  9. You would need to repeat those step now, again and again…

…but who has time to do that for 100 domains?


Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein

Next, we are going to have a look at the Automated process with iMacros, yay!

[highlight]Part 2: The Automated Process with iMacros to Download GWT Reports[/highlight]

  1. Do you have iMacros installed for your Browser already?
    Let me guess, you are using Google Chrome? Here you go (link opens in new tab)
    Or maybe Firefox? This link please (link opens in new tab)
    iMacros for Chrome - Chrome Web Store
  2. Now let’s get to the hardcore stuff, make sure you have the Extensions (also called Plugins) ready and installed.
    Open iMacros and IMPORT this [button color=”” url=””]LIST HERE[/button] by Downloading it.
    [youtube id=”oh7T96fCu9g”]
  3. Please make sure you have the List, now you can Click on “Record“, it will immediatly start, right when it starts, you can click “Stop“, it will then open a new Window which has the code inside that you just started, please see this little screenshot for clearer instructions:
    imacros start stop record function to open window
  4. As you can see, whe don’t have the right code in it, not yet! Please proceed by opening the file you just downloaded with an editor like Notepad++ (link opens in new window) and the easiest way to do this is on Windows by right clicking on the file and choosing “open with” then the editor that you just downloaded.
  5. Now we have to edit the content of our File, first we start with the token:
    token gwt link
    We need to Find&Replace this part of the URL with your own token, how do we find the token?
    [highlight]I got a trick for you![/highlight] (link opens in new window)
    In that link you will see exactly how I get the token, read it, it’s worth every single second of your life!
  6. Now, don’t forget to change the dates aswell with the function Find&Replace, see below:
    2015-04-06 04_54_07-C__Users_Mikula_Downloads_#GWT_domains_save_to_drive_monthly.iim - Notepad++
  7. Please make sure to also change the currently set dummy domains to your own:
    dummy domains
  8. Now you can copy the contents from the Downloaded file to the iMacros Window, as seen below:
    notepad plus plus to imacros window
  9. Don’t forget to save your intial file too, backups are always good, I recommend keeping a Project folder for everything that you do and write and copy and whatever the heck you do 🙂
  10. Let’s get that baby running, shall we?
    So Now that we copied our URLs with the current token, we want to press start.
    Find the other Tab called “Play” and press “Play Macro” it will then run through.
  11. It goes through the entire process that we outlined in Part 1

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
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