Google Calendar SPAM – It Exists!

I received such a spam calendar entry, i was shocked, suddently out of nowhere i am checking my full calendar of entries and events, meetings and all, there it is, a spam entry from unknown xyz spammer, telling me to buy something or sorts.

Here is how I reproduced this scenario, you can see how it works:

  1. Starting with the entry on the spammer account, go login at your Google Calendar, now add a testcalendar
    spam kalendar
  2. Now add the spam entry by clicking somewhere, choose the just created calendar and proceed to “edit”:
    choosing the calendar
  3. Now we will edit the details of our spam calendar entry, of course all this could be automated 😉
    edit the details of the entry
  4. Once you add it, make sure you DON’T send an invite, that’s the point 😉
    dont send invite
  5. Here it appears on our preys calendar, this is how it should look (you can test it by creating a 2nd google account with any email):
    appears on preys screen
  6. Now if we look at the option the prey has, he can report the entry, see below:
    spam reporting
  7. But, get’s another window to confirm it, seriously 😉 ?
    only report this
  8. It’s gone on his calendar:
    and it gone
  9. But in my account it still shows:
    after the reporting
  10. Maybe we can check the details by clicking on it, clearly we can see the email is removed!
    email clearly removed
  11. Now i added it back:
    added back
  12. And wualaa, it appears again on our preys screen, so spam reporting does not really work, you can create thousands of gmail accounts for 10 bucks, then create thousands of calendars for your spam acitivities and automate everything up to the posting:
    it appears again, can can now send entries for any day or from any calendar

Thanks for reading!