Google Chrome Webstore – One of the best Backlinking Strategies?

Google Chrome Webstore – One of the best Backlinking Strategies?

We have all heard about Links that come from high ranking sites themselfs count alot. Here is one example which definitely works as it should, checkout the following screenshots of google chrome webstore listings and links for proof:

2015-05-31 21_22_06-mikula beutl - Google Search 2015-05-31 21_25_24-Search Console - Links to Your Site - http___temporary.beutl.com_



Seems as if the 2nd screenshot even counts backlinks, what a nice gesture from Google, to place a link in the Google Webstore, you do have to create an Account and pay 5$, but you will be able to list 20 Apps (this is a site acting as an App, directly accissible from the Google Chrome Browser and the Google Webstore App itself).

If you want to get the same, here is the simple description on how to get your own listing like here:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an Account and pay the fee
  3. Follow instructions on the screenshot here:
  4. Now we need to get to the next step, here we go:
  5. Step 5 is as easy as step 4 (the file to upload is here yourdomain):
  6. After finishing all steps, it should be online directly, if it isn’t, then your content, titles or descriptions were not good enough.
  7. Don’t forget to add promo images.

Hope it all works out well for you.