Upcoming: OHNEDICH.at Project

Upcoming: OHNEDICH.at Project

So I realised it is time to write again about something I am working on RIGHT NOW, the Project “OHNEDICH.at” a Cause to bring together loved ones and families, friends for a show that moves people’s hearts all over Austria, where each single participant can upload a picture of 2 People, different cultures, faith, countries, languages or just a plain happy gesture where we can all connect and let the others know, that “WITHOUT YOU…” and the people write, what makes your part? “…”

There has been alot of Preparations until now, many Emails correspondences with Partners, thanks alot to Sophie, Manu, Emilie, Christina and Johanna for helping, also to the Project LOVE MIGRATION and WIENWOCHE for preparing this amazing day on 21st of September, also go and checkout the Facebook site for updates:

ohne dich facebook page now

Here a sneak peek into the site and it’s beauty:



And here some images of the other partners, more images to come: