New Way to Backlink: Testimonials & Mentions

New Way to Backlink: Testimonials & Mentions

I tried a new traffic aquisition over at VisitorZoom for a client and realised that it worked, so I was in one way happy and wanted to share with them (VisitorZoom) my success, I told them a few lines that they can add to their Testimonials page and included the website of the customer, you can read about the testimonial over here

here a little screenshot:


…so what does this tell us?

You can go to any company providing traffic or any sort of and if they have a testimonials page, you can send them in your testimony and they will gladly post it, since they feel it’s genuine and provides content for them + and it’s a positive part for you (the backlink) and it gives credit and branding for you too.

How did I get so far to write about this at all?

A random stranger added me on skype and wanted to call me, after chatting and asking what I could help him with, he explained that he went to the VisitorZoom and watched the testimonials, he then saw mine and went to the company for which I made the marketing, he called them or at least contacted them, he received this website from them and he saw the skype button on my site, so here we are, I am writing about this so you all know how things come to happen.

BONUS Another testimonial method with positive appearance for you

I did the same with another method where I spoke positively about a company on twitter, and they posted my review on their page: you can see in the screenshot below how this happens to be the choice for to promote themselfs 🙂

another testimonial